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  1. Algae
    I’ve been battling algae for a few years now and sheepishly ask the APC community for their kind assistance. I’ve ready the Sears Conklin article, tried PMDD, tried various test kits etc and still struggle with algae, mostly just plain green algae, but a little BGA and a little hair algae too...
  2. Fertilizing
    Hi all, i have started dosing a pmdd regime but am intending on trying out pps pro when i get some kh2p04. i am a bit confused on the dosing differences between pps pro and pmdd. as far as i can tell the "mix" is very similar. however the dosing is very different - pps pro - 1 ml of each...
  3. BigFoot's pps tank update

    Front view
1-3 of 3 Results