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  1. El Natural
    Finally finished setting up my Walstad method tank yesterday and I'm super excited to start my first planted tank! Here are the steps I took to put this tank together: - Sifted through a whole bag of Miracle-Gro Nature's Care 8 qt. Organic Potting Soil Mix to remove the large bark and Perlite...
  2. Journals
    Technical Specs: 30 litre Opti-white aquarium (L 40cm, H 30cm, D 30cm) Fluval U1 Internal filter BeamsWork 9 x 1W LED Clip on luminaire (2 hours morning, 5 hours evening) No heater or filter Fertilisation 1.5ml Lush Max weekly Plants: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo', Ammania Bonsoi, Staurogyne...
  3. Boraras Merah

    Boraras Merah

    Jewel-toned merah- beautiful!
  4. Fire Rasbora

    Fire Rasbora

  5. Exclamation Point Rasbora

    Exclamation Point Rasbora

  6. Front View

    Front View