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  1. For Sale or Trade
    Downsizing a 55G Lo-tech to a 33G long hi-tech. Anubias all about 6-7" tall. 1-Hostifolia 3 leaves 3-Barteri 4- Nanji 1-Aponogeton ulvaceus bulb All shipped for $33, it will be a larger box. Looking for 1 buyer, would not fit into small priority boxes without damage. PM and I will provide...
  2. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello, I'm new to this plant Riccia Fluitans but it's looking awesome so far floating in a bunch around my tank. Question...Should I flip the entire chunk once in awhile? The top is looking nice and green but the bottom doesn't get as much light and there is some signs of slight die-off under...
1-2 of 2 Results