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    My rotala is growing horizontally and diagonally. What's more strange is that it's growing against the flow. I originally planted it on point 1 then it sent a branch on the back that crept horizontally to point 2. It has taken root there, grew some normal (vertical) branches and then continued...
  2. For Sale or Trade
    I have several stems (~100) of this beautiful rotala. Easy to grow. Grown in Co2, high light and EI ferts. Algae and snail free. Pics from tank. Shipping via USPS Priority $10.00 for package.
  3. General Aquarium Plants Discussions
    Hello everyone, I've decided to build a biotope and I've pinned down the 3 plant species that are going to be in the tank. The tank is going to be dirted, I am mineralising the soil right now so I have 1-2 weeks before planting! To the natural soil I will be adding jbl florapol for clay/iron...
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    Hey all! I've had this tank for about 4 months now but never got a chance to post is on APC. It's less of a scape and more of a trial and error tank to learn how to plant, grow, and prune the plants, so the plant species are subject to change anytime. So far the specs are: Lighting -2x...
  5. New to Planted Aquariums
    I have hornwort and rotala indica stuck into my aquarium gravel, as well as water sprite floating at the top of my 40 gallon tank. I have regular aquarium gravel and 1 15 watt light. Is this a good set up? My hornwort easily reaches the top of the tank, my water sprite is pretty small (about 1.5...
  6. New to Planted Aquariums
    I went to the petstore today and picked up some rotala indica, water sprite, java moss, a lot of horn wort, and some malaysian trumpet snails. I have 40 gallon breeder tank, at 79 degrees fahrenheit, and a penguin 350 power filter. I also have 15 goldfish and rosy red minnows in total. I have a...
  7. For Sale or Trade
    All plants will be trimmings from this tank, healthy and algae free. 30+ stems of Rotala rotundafolia I will cut and ship the same day via Priority USPS, bagged in a priority box, to continental US only. Buyer will pay actual shipping (usually $6-$9). PM me with zip for a quote and/or invoice...
  8. For Sale or Trade
    GONE to a good home 5 x Ludwigia repens x arcuata 5 x Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides' 3 x Rotala 'Bangladesh' 3 x Sagittaria subulata (???) (grows to 12" low to high light) 3 x Italian Vals 2 x C. retrospiralis (gets pretty big) 2 x Water Sprite 1 x Water Wisteria 1 x Red Tiger Lotus...
  9. For Sale or Trade
    I have some R. macrandra left: ~15 stems, ~12-14" tall + ~5 smaller guys I usually add plants from several tanks (med-light to very high light) in hopes they will addapt better to your conditions. $20 shipped via USPS Priority I do not use cold or heat packs Actual plants:
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    Hey I have a 29 gallon that supplies only 0.5 wpg with 1 inch Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix capped with 1 inch of gravel and I was wondering if Rotala Rotundifolia and Ludwigia Repens would grow in my tank. I dont mind if grows slow but just want to know if it will at least survive. If...
  11. Magnesium Deficiency, Rotala

    Magnesium Deficiency, Rotala

    This is a deficiency image with recovery of Rotala Nanjenshan or Similar
  12. Magnesium Deficiency, Rotala

    Magnesium Deficiency, Rotala

    This is Rotala Nanjenshan or Similar. Symptoms for Wallichi are the same or similar.
  13. 02. Java Moss

    02. Java Moss