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  1. El Natural
    I'm looking to start an "el natural" shrimp jar and I think I understand the basics of a Walstad, but I'm very confused by the new information in this forum. This is only my second aquarium, with the first being a planted tank, but not a Walstad. For example, do I need to mix my organic soil...
  2. Introductions and Greets
    I'm Miyuki. and I live in Lakeview, Oregon, which is 100 miles from anywhere. I have a 30 gal community tank, a 10 gal shrimp tank, a 5 gal shrimp tank, and a nano shrimp tank. My boyfriend says there's no more room, but I think I can squeeze another in the bedroom. I'd like to hear from shrimp...
  3. Introductions and Greets
    Hello i am going to the local petsmart soon and i am thinking about buying the bio wheel 10 gal kit for a shrimp tank. What are some good beginners shrimp i want to get blue tigers but not for my first time anyways is that a good tank kit what else should i get do i need a airpump please any...
1-3 of 3 Results