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  1. El Natural
    Recently, I visited a seasoned hobbyist (Richard Mullinax Jr.) and marveled at his 40 gal invertebrate tank. Set up 2 years ago with potted plants, the tank is filled with snails, RCS, ostracods, etc. The spots on the glass are attached limpets. Blackworms were waving at me from the moss...
  2. Shrimp & other Invertebrates
    I have just set up, 3 days ago, a 5.5 gallon tank with CaribSea Flora Max substrate, najas/guppy grass, subwassertang, java moss, and a 12 inch Finnex Stingray LED light for yet to be purchased neocaridina shrimp. I have ordered some mini pellia to also add to the tank. I am soaking in...
  3. Shrimp & other Invertebrates
    All, Help me choose some lighting for my shrimp tank rack. There will be 9 tanks in total (standard 10 gallon in size), with 3 tanks on each level of the rack. I want to use 1 light above each set of tanks (so 3 lights total, or 6 if you suggest two smaller lights per level). I would like to...
1-3 of 3 Results