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  1. El Natural
    Hello everyone I have an 18 Gal. Aquarium, set up 2 months ago. With a substrate mix of peat, humus, coconut shells and perlite, about 1” thick, and a top layer of small volcanic gravel, about 1/2” thick. I have some plants, which are doing mostly fine and about 15 small fish, some shrimp and...
  2. Aquascaping
    Hello, I've got an ADA 60H 60 x 45 x 45. I would like to setup a landscape with planted hills. I've got 18kg of Amazonia (way too much). Do you have any recommendations on which technique I could use to make the hills so they don't crumble. At the store here in my city, I was told to use...
1-2 of 2 Results