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  1. Equipment
    I'm looking into possibly getting a Marineland stand, however, I've read a few reports that the stands don't actually support the rim of the tank all the way around, but only partially (ie: full left and right rim support and a foot or so in the middle front, not sure about the back). Is this...
  2. DIY Aquarium Projects
    Hello All! As the title suggests i am planing on building an acrylic stand, similar to a book shelf to support 3, 70 to 120 liter aquariums! I have personally little experience in working with acrylics but did some stand builds before one of which can be found here. I am hoping if any of you...
  3. Picture 040 C

    Picture 040 C

  4. Picture 039 C

    Picture 039 C

  5. Picture 031 C

    Picture 031 C

  6. Picture 030 C

    Picture 030 C

  7. Picture 029 C

    Picture 029 C

  8. Picture 027 Comp

    Picture 027 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar with fluting routed, side view
  9. Picture 026 Comp

    Picture 026 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar, front view
  10. Picture 024 Comp

    Picture 024 Comp

    Covering the 2x4 with poplar, side view
  11. Picture 021 Comp

    Picture 021 Comp

    Roughing in the sides and bottom shelf
  12. Picture 020 Comp

    Picture 020 Comp

    Raw stand of 2x4, side view
  13. Picture 019 Comp

    Picture 019 Comp

    Raw stand of 2x4, front view
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