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  1. Rotala Pearling

    Well, just after a week, the rotalla is pearling, but I hate that it is growing sideways,
  2. Left side of my tank 11-16-2005

    Moved the Water sprite to the back behind the Water primrose, and both are doind nicely.
  3. Right side 11-16-2005

    what a week it's been. Right side of the tank. The anacharis hit the top of the water, and I had to trim it down
  4. Full tank pic 11/9/2005

    Well the dust has settled, and here she is
  5. Left side of my tank 11-9-2005

    The left side of my firstplanted tank 4 days after planting. I can't wait for it to grow in.
  6. Right side of tank 11-9-2005

    The right side of my first real planted tank with my son's contribution. Can't wait for it to grow in.
1-6 of 6 Results