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  1. Nitrate (NO3) Test Kits
    I bought a Sera NO3 test kit today for my tank (heavily planted, no fish). The test result shows ZERO nitrate (image attached). Then, is zero nitrate good for aquatic plants? Or is it a symptom of Nitrogen deficiency?
  2. Fertilizing
    Hi Folks, There are a few CO2 test kits on the market. I'm not referring to the familiar drop checker. As I understand it, the CO2 test kits measure carbonic acid by titrating against sodium hydroxide and using phenolphthalein to indicate when the pH is 8.2 and above. The colour changes from...
  3. Algae
    My tank is a deep, tall 32 inch high, 21 inch long and 13 inch broad/wide one. It holds 143 liters or 38 gallons water. I use ADA Amazonia and riversand on either ends with glass marble divider in between. I diffuse pressure CO2 with a ceramic steel diffuser and every alternate day inject macro...
  4. New to Planted Aquariums
    I have a heavily planted 90g tank and I am using a pressurized CO2 system. I am using a drop checker to check my CO2 levels. I see people on here talking about 30 ppm and so on. What kind of tester do they use? I would really like something that allows me to accurately test my CO2 but my LFS...
1-4 of 4 Results