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  1. Equipment
    Hi Everyone! My timer suddenly stopped working properly. I need to get a new one, then send the one I have back to the manufacturer. I need a timer with at least 2 day and 2 night outlets, and 4 regular outlets. Can anyone suggest super reliable timers? Very much appreciated!
  2. Lighting
    So i received my Aquarium Fish International magazine for may 2012 today (why its always dated 2 months ahead i dont know) and I sit down after a long day of work and turn the first page and :o "We Made the Sun Obsolete.... Marineland's Aquatic Plant LED Light". In my mind I'm thinking yessssss...
  3. Equipment
    Hello all, I got a tank off craigslist and the hood light switch seems to be jammed (it's a standard Aqueon Flourescent strip and has the push-in type switch). I (and the previous owner) thought the switch was stuck due to hard water stains, but I cleaned the switch with citric acid and it can...
1-3 of 3 Results