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  1. El Natural
    For those living in NYC, Seattle, Raleigh, etc where water is ultra soft (GH = 0-2), Wonder Shells may be an easy and fast way to increase water hardness. Not only that, but the shells reportedly contain other nutrients associated with hardwater (Mg, K, S, B, etc). This is a bonanza for...
  2. El Natural
    Recently, I increased water hardness in my tanks with growing guppies, plants, and molting shrimp. This is because the well water I use went from a GH of 10-17, when I last measured it back around 1991 and 2007, to a too-low GH of 3. The decrease was due to continuous rainfall last few years...
  3. El Natural
    The main question I'll start with here is that we want to increase water hardness so that plants get macronutrients Ca, Mg, K without adding a lot of NaCl. Also, I have advised people to use CaCl2 to harden water, not CaSO4 or commercial products that are loaded with sulfates. To harden up...
1-3 of 3 Results