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I have some Rotala macrandra, and some other plants I need to clip and I am flat out of room for them now..Need to clear a little room for new plants..

~Rotala macrandra x 18 or so - $0.50/stem
~L. aromatica x 4-6 - $.50/stem
~Dwarf sag x ?? - 5 for 1.50$
~Hygrophyla corymbosa "angustifolia" x 2 - $0.50/stem
~Bacopa monnieri (emersed grown, but converts easily) x 5 - $0.50/stem

Or gimme a PM and we can put a package together if you want it all!

Disclaimer: All stems have very little/no algae on them, maybe some GDA at most..and I do have assassin snails and few MTS'..

I have all of my plants in my 40 gal tank with:
~PH 6-5.3
~pretty soft water (kh 3 or so, and GH - ?)
~I dose EI
~med high/high lights
~pressurized CO2
~Root tabs

Priority mail shipping is $6.25 with tracking number.

Thanks much for looking!
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