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$1.99 Mystery Plant

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Picked up this plant today at a LFS for $1.99. It was buried in a mass of different Crypts, which made it tough to figure out what type of plant it was. In the store tank, by the leaf shape, my first guess was possibly C. moehlmannii, but after seeing the roots, I am going with an Echinodorus species. Any guesses??



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Echinororus. Possible radician or rangeri?
Looks suspiciously Crypt-like to me. Look at those leaves. They're not like any Echinodorus I have seen.

I would guess either C. pontederifolia or C. moehlmannii.

I always thought the roots grows out of the rhizome for a crypt
Like I posted, my first thought was C. moehlmannii, a plant I am currently growing, however the leaf on the mystery plant is much smaller than the C. moehlmannii leaf and the root structure seems a little un-Crypt like. The root is not the thick, fleshy root I would normally expect to see from a Crypt. Rather it is finer, more hair like.

Guess we might have to just wait this one out!

Well the leaf difference could be explained by the growth type. Emerged rather than submersed but the root structure to me looks just like that of my Sword plant. You all I am sure would know better than me though. I have only seen C. wndtii species of crypts. Maybe someday I will be able to do some online shopping and trading:)

What are some of the things you all see telling you it is Crypt rather than Echinodorus. I am here to learn. I really like to learn.

Either way, seems like you got a deal.
I'd put money on C. moehlmannii - which at $1.99 is a steal!
Do you have a photo of your C. moehlmannii?
This is infact what Ghori says! Momo, here's the reply from Tropica-
We assume this is Cryptocoryne Muehlmannii.
But if it is red under neath it is a pontederifolia.

Best regards
Martin Petersen

Well I guess you can't judge a plant by it's roots!

I am going to go back to the LFS tonight, hope my GF doesn't mind! I love picking through Crypts! I think That was the lasy one though.

Thanks Raul!

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