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As plant growth is concerned, most bulbs produce enough light in the red and blue spectrums to grow plants, regardless of K rating.

With that said I find that K rating comes to personal preference. Many people like the more yellow warmth look of 6500 K bulbs. Some like that pinkish of the GE aquarays 9325K, etc.

I like the 10000K bulbs, but be careful of the manufacturer. I have found that some 10000k bulbs are fairly yellow (for example from I use a geisemann 10000K MH that many reefers consider to be too yellow, but I find it's perfect. It's the only bulb over the tank.

For PCF I really like the way the 9325K aquaray mixes with a 10000k bulb. I've also tried the 6500K/10000K combo but I find the latter beats it out. These are all just personal preferences though :0).

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