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Robitreef said:

I have a fixture from Pet Supply Liquidators- A 48" 4X55W PC fixture. Where did you find the 8800K straight pin bulbs? I believe 65W will work on my fixture (correct me if I am wrong)? I like the look of Amano's tanks, where he has a whiter versus yellower light. I think Jeff Senske mentioned in another post that Amano uses 8000K HQI in his tanks.
The 8800k bulb I'm using ARE square-pin, but with very minor rewiring I can use them with a straight-pin aqualight fixture. Got them from Hello Lights. AFAIK, there is no straight pin 8800k bulb of the same color.

I'm not familiar with your fixture, and there was an excellent thread about doing the rewiring on aqualights that would give you ideas...but it isn't here. Would you like pictures of how I did it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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