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My suggestions ( I don't know much about this, my tank looks kinda like a jungle):

1. Move the filter intake to the right behind the tall stem plant or put the filter on the left wall of the tank instead of the back.

2. Try to move everything in the middle of the tank to the sides and only leave the foreground plants in the middle. This will make more of a sloping v from one side to the other. Leave the taller grassy plants near the front on the left and right side of the tank pretty much where they are.

You can maybe get a nice rock to put on the middle but either just to the right or just to the left of center and let the foreground plants grow around it. I think you can also use the driftwood that you have with the moss on it for this. I know this will be hard in a 10g but I think it would look pretty cool.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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