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Hello and welcome to my sale! I have a lot of stuff laying around that I am not even using anymore, so I decided to sell some things off for fish folks who need these stuff, no point for keeping it and it doing nothing! Hopefully you might happen to need some of my equipment. These are all low prices. Get them while you can! =) Well alright, If you have any questions, feel free to Private message. Please have a look!

100 watt heater ~12.00 dollars. 1 available
Fair enough for 10-20 gallons. Used for about a month.
50 watt heater ~10.00 dollars. 1 available
Half of the original price I bought...Good for 10 gallons. Used for about a month as well.

Whisper 5-15 filters ~7.00 dollars 2 available
The Whisper 5-15 filters that I have right now are still in very good mint condition only being used for a month or 2. Comes with free used quilt battling and used carbon.

Whisper 5-15 filter ~10.00 dollars 1 available
Old school type, a little bigger, used for about a year.

Fluval's carbon bags ~2.00 dollars 2 available

Incandescent bulbs . ~.25 cents 4 Available
(yellow light) New!!! Need some plain ol light and not much intensity? This is as cheap as you can get!!!
Bright white bulbs. ~2.00 dollars 2 Available
(white light) by nvision. Used for a couple of months maybe 1-2 months. White is a more enjoyable view in my experience;could be great for plants. 15 watts for each bulb, I believe.

Glues and sealing
Silicone sealant. ~2.50 dollars 1 available
Uh-oh, Tank leakage? Broken silicone sealant seals? This will fix it up. Does not work on glass cracks. it's used. However I Barely used it at all. I used this for DIY co2 projects. And it was only a one-time thing.

Plastic plants.
Great for fish security and a stress reliever for fish. Looks natural and your fish will love them. Also works excellent for quarantine/hospital tanks. You are going to need gravel/pebbles/substrate to anchor/plant them down.

Green hygro bunch. 2.50 dollars. 1 available
Anubias. 1.00 dollars. 1 available

Shipping is going to depend...I'll have to sort some things out before telling you total.

So! If you are interested in one of my stuff, please private message me, leave a PM sent here in this thread and call out what you will take, just so others will know (ehh, not necessary, but meh..). During our private messaging, give me some time to calculate and give you a total shipped. You will have to send me the money through Paypal. In order to buy these items, you will need a paypal account with a credit card, or your own paypal balance, and etc.

I take paypal payments only.

Happy spending everyone!

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Plastic anubias
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