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I miss the full spectrum daylight bulbs that used to be sold in Wal*Mart. Now they only sell the GE CFL's. This version bulb works great in my 10 gallon tank, but if I use it elsewhere in my house it gives off a slightly bluish white light.

The older full spectrum daylight bulb did not have the spirals but more straight like the colormax bulbs. Gave off a nice white light like the sun which was great in the Schenectady, Upstate New York area in the middle of winter. Nice sunlight like glow. I still have one package left.

I know fellow APC members on the West Coast can still find this type of bulb.

I can't figure out why we can't find them in stores in Upstate New York. Darned annoying.

By the way, I love the DIY electrical stuff. Someday I will do so myself. Haven't yet. Electricity, wiring, plastic, water, me. If I am not scared yet, I should be. (ha,ha)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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