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All I got to say is that you can find some pretty cool generic tanks in Asia. This last semester I was in Japan, and before coming home I picked up this little beauty in Aquaforest Shinjuku:

Pretty cool huh? For those looking for a reference, this is the same size (though not the same maker) as the tiniest aquarium in Nature Aquarium Vol. 2, which Amano called "the smallest nature aquarium." Anyway, I'm planning very much the same, Riccia, Hemianthus Micranthemoides and Ludwigia arcuata.

-The tank came with a black foam mat in the bottom of its box, which is what I have it sitting on for now (not like it is hard to lift it up and put something underneath it).

-I have a plastic planting mesh on the bottom. It's cut so it presses against the walls, so I'm not too worried about it floating. I will place the riccia underneath, and insert the stems into it as well.

-Lighting will be a 19w Spiral bulb in my desk lamp.

-I'm planning to dose the tank with water from a larger tank that will also be set up in my room in order to get the CO2 and nutrients needed without too much equipment.

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