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Well, I learned a lesson on this one... Never build something until you have $ in hand for it... (This was built for a 'newbie' who never paid up $#!+#[email protected]&)

This hood is for a standard 10g tank, with plastic trim. Top plastic trim should measure 20 3/16" x 10 3/16" and is 3/4" tall. Checking on my tanks, it fits standard AGA, walmart and Hagen 10gs perfectly.

I did test the hood on my Iron Aquascaper challenge tank, I replaced the back so the new owner could customize it to fit whatever filtration system he/she needs. (Just cut/drill holes as needed).

The hood is a super simple design, little more than a box with 2 15w flourescent fixtures in it. Construction is not half bad if I do say so myself - one could clean it up further if one had the inclination... A little more filler, sanding and another layer or two of paint, and she'd be perfect. Materials were standard 1/4" ply, some 3/8 square stock, polyurethane glue (less problematic than white glue in wet environments), a few finishing nails. Painted gloss white enamel in the 'lit' area, flat black enamel on the outside.

Lighting, is 2 15w normal output flourescent fixtures, magnetic ballasts. Works great, they are used fixtures - came with my 55g were used for a few months. I'll even toss in the pair of Eclipse F15/T818 "Natural daylight" flourescent tubes shown.

Paint looks thin in some pictures - not sure why, but I added another coat of paint over those areas just in case.

I'm hoping to get 20-30$ canadian from it, PM or email me. I will entertain offers (including exchange for plants...)

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