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no plants, just hardscape

I've been working on this tank for a few weeks now, I've been inspired by as well as other setups I've seen around the net

120 gal A.G.A. 2'x2'x4'
filtration: homemade sump 20L w/ bioballs magdrive 1200 HOB overflow
hardscape: driftwood, rounded stones, sticks, almond leaves
substrate: mix of multi purpose sand, playsand, and couple handfulls of mixed natural gravel

projected fish stock:

5 spotted silver dollars
4 severums
7 BN plecos
1 L075 pleco
1 adonis pleco ( juvenile 3")
1 rhino pleco ( 6")
1 striped rapheal
1 spotted rapheal
1 megalodoras irwini
1 pseudodoras niger
1 hoplosternum thoracatum
couple random others...

This my favorite tank by far to date - and there are NO plants whatsoever!!! You may probably see some minor changes to the hardscape on the right hand side in the future...

Full tank shot

Left hand side

Right hand side
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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