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120x60x60 nature

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This is my new layout...........
Aquarium:120/60/50cm OW- 360 lts
Lighting:4x54W 965 + 1x54W 840
Substrate: Biogrunt + River Gravel granulation 2-5 mm
Ferts & CO2:PA Macro + PA Micro + PA AquaPotas + PA Ferro +co2 system (bottle 3kg)
Echinodorus tenellus
Blyxa Japonica
Microsorium sp.philipine
Vesicularia dubyana
Valisneria nana
Anubias nana
Thoracocharax securis
Microrasbora galaxy
Otociniclus macrospilus
Cardina japonica
Neocardina babaulti,fire red

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Got a wild and natural feel to it. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice, Wigles! I love the wood you chose for the scape! It is very ornate looking; where did you get it from?

Was there any inspiration behind this scape, or you just wanted to "Go Green"?

I feel that the bottom right corner needs something. There looks to be a small hole there. Perhaps a Lobelia to go with the green coloration, but add a slightly different texture to it?

I have never heard of Aquagrunt for substrate! What is it, or what would you compare it to?

Fantastic job, Wigles!
It has an untamed wild feel to it, I like.
I like your style. I'm trying to create something similar. keep up the good work.
Wow this tank looks amazing!!! I think I want to do something like this in my 50g set up.

Thanks for the inspiration!
I have never heard of Aquagrunt for substrate! What is it, or what would you compare it to?

Fantastic job, Wigles![/QUOTE]

Well, you could hardly hear about 'Aquagrunt' or 'Biogrunt', since the second part of both of these words are strictly Polish. "Grunt" translates loosely as 'soil', as well as a 'base' of sorts.

As to what it compares with, don't suspect it to be something too sophisticated. Most of plants and materials connected with growing them, comes there from Holland and Germany....
Thank you all for the positive comments. Unfortunately my English is very poor. However, I visit the forum regularly.
Biogrunt is a substrate produced by my friend aquarist. It is available only in Poland. Here you can read more about Biogrunt.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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