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130 Gallon co2 Help

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Please suggest a co2 system the would be the most economical choice for my tank. Plant load is medium. Will the red sea kit work?
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The RedSea unit would not be very cost effective. You would be refilling your cylinder more times then most would care to.
You would at least need a 5lb cylinder. My advice would be to get the largest cylinder you can fit.
Filling a 10lb cylinder will run you 15-19$
Filling a 5lb cylinder will run about $15-17.

Best Regards, Orlando
it depends on what type of plants you plan on growing. if you're going for high light demand plants, you will definitely benefit with going pressurized, especially with your tank size.

i agree with orlando, go with the largest co2 tank that you can afford. you can get one from either a fire extinguisher supply shops or (where i get mine) from a beverage supply shots. i prefer a beverage supply shop, because after the initial cost for a tank, when your tank is empty you just return it and swap for another. and you only pay for the cost of a refill.

the initial cost to set up a pressurized system is daunting for people of limited means, but you do save in the long run. with a 10lb tank, you would have to replace/refill every ~6 months, as opposed to every 1-2 weeks with DIY.

good luck!
Any suggestions on setups or what equipment I would need?
With a big tank come a big filter.
Have you decided on what you would like to get?
With big tanks I prefer large media filters, for example an Ehiem 2260 or 2262.
Those are big plug and play filters that move a ton of water.
You will most likely want to utilize a reactor for co2 diffusion. Or you could opt for a needle wheel pump for this as well. Both are fairly inexpensive to find. The reactor being the least and very easy to install.

Regards, Orlando
i have a huge wet dry filter on this system. I also have 10 pirahnas. So water changes are a must. I need help with co2 systems. I need a good regulator and want to know if I can use a glass diffusor or do i need to use a reactor? Also can I put the reactor in the sump?
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