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130g planted

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Here is a pic of my 130g planted tank

LIghting: 6x96w PC
CO2 at 1 BPS
Substrate - SMS

This is my first go at a planted tank. I didn't have enough lighting and did not have CO2 in the beginning so there is a lot of algae. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions of what I could change.

I have Hygro large leaf, Hygro Kompakt, Rotalla Willichii, Banana Plants, Ludwigia Repens, and various others I have no clue what they are.

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You have a good start. I think you could use a ton more plants. Do you have a local club that you could get some plants from members?
Thanks...yes, I agree...I need more plants. I don't know of any local clubs but after joining here, hoping a sharing of plants can ensue. I want to get Glosso for the foreground. Any suggestions on what plants might work good in that setup? My pics aren't great, so I know its hard to really tell what I got.
I think your plant selection is fine. You just need MORE. You can find those easily on the For Sale forum reasonably priced. Just buy more. The number one problem people have starting up their tanks is that they do not use enough plants. They end up fighting all types of algae, one after another, and having ammonia spikes.

I'm surprised your Ludwigia repens isn't red with that much light. Are your bulbs new? After a year they MUST be replaced as they loose too much of their strength.

CO2 at 1bps is not alot. I have a 125 and at least run 3 bps. I run mine on a CO2 solenoid with a pH controller. You could just use a solenoid and put it on a timer. I think I saw a used/new one for sale in the sale forum for cheap. Do you have a drop checker? You need to get one so that you know when you have enough CO2. It should be a light green. I keep mine lime green. I think you will continue to have BBA with such a small amount of CO2.

What do you do for Ferts? You didn't mention it.

Do you have any floating plants, like frogbit, or red root floater, or salvinia? They are a great indicator of enough or too little ferts in your tank. They will either grow rampant taking up any extra or hardly grow at all indicating you need more nutrients. They take the CO2 out of the air.
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Hmm...Yeah, I left a lot out now that I read your post. hehe.

I just got the CO2 setup, and really didn't know what I was doing, but I will see if I can figure how to bump the BPS to maybe 2-3. I have a Milwaukee PH controller, but it seems my PH is always so low (6.0 - 6.3) and I assume from the amount of wood I have in there. But none-the less, I like your idea of it on a timer. Any suggestions on that one??

Hadn't got a checker yet but suppose I need to find one. ANy suggestions?

My plants were basically in bad shape and I really just got the wattage bumped on it to an acceptable level. My lights were inadequate so I bought the 2 (used) fixtures that now have an additional 4x96w which is what got me into the high range of lighting. So it's basically from the beginning. Most of my plants are still small and can hardly be seen in the pics. Maybe some closer ups would help.

Right now I dose Flourish Supplement and will be starting the PMDD routine as soon as my ferts arrive in the mail.

For floating plants, all I have right now is the dreaded duckweed. Not by choice, it came as a rider on another plant. hehe. I need to check into a more non-invasive floating plant to put in there. I will see if I can locate any of the ones you mentioned.

I seem so lost in the planted tank huh??? lol Thanks for your responses by the way
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Okay, got more plants and filled in some is the newly setup scape..

Right side of tank with drop checker ....not sure what the color really tells me as it is slightly green yet slightly yellow which could be too much CO2 exposure

Here is a pic of the left side of the tank

MIddle of the tank

And my CO2 gauge...I bought used and this was pretty much set how I have it now

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Okay, thought I would share some pics of my plants that seem to be doing better now after the transplant.

This was posted in my local club forum but thought I would put out here too!

Not sure what all these plants really are but here you go!

This one I know is Red Temple

My whisker shrimp hanging out at the bottom

Red Lilly

My school of serpae

Banana Plants which look much better now
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