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I think your plant selection is fine. You just need MORE. You can find those easily on the For Sale forum reasonably priced. Just buy more. The number one problem people have starting up their tanks is that they do not use enough plants. They end up fighting all types of algae, one after another, and having ammonia spikes.

I'm surprised your Ludwigia repens isn't red with that much light. Are your bulbs new? After a year they MUST be replaced as they loose too much of their strength.

CO2 at 1bps is not alot. I have a 125 and at least run 3 bps. I run mine on a CO2 solenoid with a pH controller. You could just use a solenoid and put it on a timer. I think I saw a used/new one for sale in the sale forum for cheap. Do you have a drop checker? You need to get one so that you know when you have enough CO2. It should be a light green. I keep mine lime green. I think you will continue to have BBA with such a small amount of CO2.

What do you do for Ferts? You didn't mention it.

Do you have any floating plants, like frogbit, or red root floater, or salvinia? They are a great indicator of enough or too little ferts in your tank. They will either grow rampant taking up any extra or hardly grow at all indicating you need more nutrients. They take the CO2 out of the air.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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