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Hey There,

I'm trying to set up my large tank with a planted set up, and I know my lighting in insufficient for the purpose. I posted here:new-plants-135-gallon with info on my current configuration.

I was originally thinking I would have to go with expensive metal halide pendants, but after reading around some, it sounds like most people are getting away with compact florescents.

I was hoping to find out what everyone thinks about these:
which, if I understand correctly, in the 48" configuration, comes with 4 reflectors and 4 separate bulbs that I could position to supplement my current fixtures.

Here's a shot of my setup if it helps to see what I'm talking about:

As you can see, I have plenty of room above the tank to add whatever I need. I would add the new fixtures in front of what I have now, because the deeper water plants would be closer to the front of the tank.

Let me know what everyone thinks and thanks in advance

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