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14T Via Aqua

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Well we are in the midst of an ice storm.
So what else is there to do but set up a new tank!!!
Have been quietly assembling all the goodies for the new tank.

14T Via Aqua
Current 2X18W
ADA Amazonia
Eheim ECCO 2232
DIY CO2 / Mini Hagen Diffuser
Unfortunately no Driftwood/Rocks need some.
Have a great stock of plants from DFW Club. Absolute wonderfulllll group of people!!!!
Tentatively planned new home for our gorgeous Kribs.
Want some Assassin Snails.
Stealth Heater.
EI Fertilization, still learning!!!

Question 1,
Do you wash Amazonia prior to use?
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Re: !4T Via Aqua

Too bad I don't have a new tank to set up. SO that leaves tank maintenance for me! :( Your's sounds more fun! :D

DO NOT wash the Amazonia. Dump in and fill.
Re: !4T Via Aqua

I am beginning to think this tank is jinxed!!
While filling this tank due to the height I hurt my back.
I guess it was raising water to that height. So it is filled and we realize that the stand that was used would be way to high for this type of tank it was actually wobbly. So I found a lower profile side table that was retrofitted to accommodate the filer and aquarium, etc. Really nice. So yesterday we are ready to go again with the tank. So between trips to the heating pad my husband is helping.
That in itself would be the mistake of a lifetime!!!!
This tank has Amazonia I with a layer of power sand. I carefully scooped out the Amazonia being careful not to disturb the power sand. We removed tank and placed on new stand. Oh is it pretty.
Back to the sofa. The husband is now doing the bucket trip to the tank we carefully go over how to pour the water in and the consequences of disturbing the lateral layer. Oh I feel my blood pressure going up just typing this... I rarely ask for help with projects around here, this girl can be found up on a roof fixing things.
So I turn around and look at the tank and it is chocolate brown.....
He has dumped at full force the water in and now all is mixed up. This AM it is no better. I believe I have read somewhere that this does not clear at this point. HELP!!!!
The inert material is the power sand is now distributed all over the tank....even floating. When I initially set this tank up water was crystal clear from minute one
He is definitely in the dog house.
Oh and while installing the ECCO the clips snap!!!! So have ordered parts for that.
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Re: !4T Via Aqua

I reused my power sand after filtering it out from Amazonia II. It cleared up. I think he may have just really stirred things up. Try some clarity and if you have a diatom filter you can try that. If you don't have one I do and will be glad to loan it to you. You can pm me about it. It should clear up fine.
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Oh Thank You....
Yesterday..... I went down to the storage room's aquarium isle and picked up a 60 whisper HOB filled it with floss and my secret clarifier Accurel, stuff really works. Like a magnet. Within one hour after additing you could see the effects of Accurel. Way to much for Purigen, love it but later.
I might just take you up on that let me see how things progress from here. This AM it is milky yellow water. I am going to drain it and redistribute the soil back to where it should be, refill and let it settle again.
Seriously he is in the DOG HOUSE
In the light of day you can actually see the bottom of the tank and it had 4+"of soil!!!! :Cry::Cry::Cry:
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Hang in there Karen. Sounds like you have the tiger by the tail! :D
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Yesterday did a total water change rinsed the HOB & floss out, refilled. Also contoured and topped off with some fresh soil. A couple of hours went by, nothing. So added some Accurel clarifying drops with in 20M crystal clear.
Time for Planting :cheer2:
Re: !4T Via Aqua

This tank!!!
Since my last post have performed 2 almost total water changes to get rid of the brown water, the last one worked. As of today the water is clear, but looks like someone poured a cup of milk in it.

Mike Thank YOU!!!!
He graciously provided some beautiful greenery.

Water. Most of us have had a moment in the Crayola box, well when I test the water these vibrant colors of the box are ever present. Everything is off the charts. So far the plants are holding up. It's that Nitrite that scares me with the plants. What should I be doing now that I am not. I have all the toys for DIY C02, is it to soon? Should I be dosing? I would love to say that it is scaped but it is not. It is full of plants. they seem to be growing! With clarity I am just starting to really see the tank. I love the look & texture of the Amazonia.
Got to run just got a call that the 30G RAOK tank has leaked over night down to 5" I need help!!!!
Re: !4T Via Aqua

I had a new aquasoil tank spike Nitrites and I did 80-90% water changes every other day and within a couple of weeks it settled down. My plants loved it and also grew like crazy during that period. I did not dose anything the first 3 weeks. I never saw any ammonia but like you, I was reading a high nitrite level. I would not add any critters until that gets to near 0. I'm not familiar with Accurel but I did use Prime with every water change.
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Karen - how goes it with the leaky tank? Hope there was no damage!

Don't worry about the nitrites. Just keep doing water changes. Keep many plants in there to "eat it up". This is great plant growing time. I would put CO2 on there. You don't want algae. Remember you are balancing nutrients + light + carbon. :D
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Oh the tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Between Doctors appointments, the back.
Blackmon Mooring was there 6 hours a complete clean up. Two rooms of carpet, 3 days of drying & dehumidifying, walls bored, my best guess 20G of water. Tank is fine never leaked a drop, the filter floss may have become to full of debris and just over the span of 11 hours slowly bubbled over the top of the HOB Ref.
In this case we see this as the Lemons to Lemonade for her, new carpet!!! Ann is 89. This was the RAOK tank.

I am a little worried, the tops of the plants are browning. What is that about. If I can do another water change tonight I will, if not tomorrow. The browning worries me.
Mike we have a hitch hiker in the tank, one somehow surviving pond snail. God bless him he is alive under theses conditions. Accrurel is a water clarifier as far as cloudiness goes. Prime is the cocktail of choice. Will eventually add a bag of purigen just not sure when that is. I use it in most of my tanks.
So add the Co2? Not kidding about the test tube colors amazing.
Thank You both Karen
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Re: !4T Via Aqua

Just the Big Three, N,N & A are at the top of their respective testing ranges.
Cannot bend to reach the canister filter so I have a bag for just such that has been in the 60G of Matrix. So I drained about 20% of water added the bag down by the intake & topped the tank off with tank water from the 60. The tank is more clear today. But it appears some plants might be melting while other I am starting to see some growth. The NO3 might be a little lower that a couple of days ago. Really does not help with the Nitrite still raging.
Re: !4T Via Aqua

Oh this tank is doing so well!!
Had my little rescue angle fish in there until yesterday. It is fully cycled and very happy.
Yesterday a shipment of green shrimp arrive so the angel was moved to another tank, they share the tank with a few Nerite's.

Would like to put a small fish in with the shrimp. Our nano, 4G is a RCS tank it has neons, green spotted rasbora & one tiny Corydoras. I don't want any harm to come to these shrimp. Any thoughts on what you keep with your shrimp. Am adding CO2 this weekend. Things are growing like crazy, beginning to see a small amount of algae on the glass. Will try to take a Pic tonight.
This tank is so far from what I ultimately want it to look like. My abilities have been compromised with this back situation. I'm seeing what is happy in there and will make some choices then. There is a rock on the bottom that is covered in Java fern that is really pretty, you just cannot see it!!!
I want to move a few things to another tank and clean this up some. Will add some moss patches in a week or so for the shrimp to nest in.

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Things look pretty happy in there. Now you just need to tame it! :D
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