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180 L New started!

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HI! This is my second aquarium. Ideas are welcomed. Planted for 5 days ago so they plants are growing very good. I'm also using Co2.

Fish: Nannancara Anomala, Mikrogeophagus altispinosus, Pterophyllum scalare Manacapuru, LDA25.

Plants: Cabomba furcata (havent got the nice leafs yet), Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', Hygrophila corymbosa "Siamensis", Anubias barteri var. nana, Bacopa caroliniana. Riccia Fluitans and some more.

Other: Driftwood and Cooconut
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No respond so i put in some new pictures. Need ideas. Need more plants, so ideas are welcomed!!!!:rolleyes:

1. The Cabomba. Has grown alot. From the start it was only the stalk.
2. New setup. Needs more plants!
3. My new Apistogramma cacatuoides.
4. My wildcaught LDA25

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your anubias rhizome (the green thing that the leaves come out of) should not be buried, it will rot. beautiful fish though
Nice start... It does seem that some of your plants are leggy & missing leaves. Make sure you have the proper lighting & a regular fert routine... Your fish are very beautiful!
I know that some of my plants are missing leaves. But I ordered from Germany and the Cabomba Furcatas leaves were broken. But the are growing very good and soon they will be fully leafed! :)

Im fixing a new scape in this moment. It looks really nice I think. Pics will come as soon as possible :flame:
Here's the new setup! Hope you like it!

I need tips for fish and plants!

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and some more.

my planthouse: :cheer2:

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Your leaf might be shadowing your dwarf sag (if that's what's under there) too much for it to grow. Also wondering- if you're going to have fallen leaves, why just one. They never fall just one. Is that leave plant safe as it will decompose eventually?
The plants under are cichlid grass and the leaves are bought at a store. So no worries :)
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