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180L Tank

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Hello everyone !

I present my 180 liter planted tank. Suggestions will be appreciated.


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I really like the design of that tank. Is that dwarf sag or E. tenellus that you are using up front? It seems to have stayed nice and short for you.
I want to add utricularia graminifolia.

Does someone know if it´s a plant easy to find / purchase ?

At least in Argentina, my country, I don´t know anyone who has one.


Does anyone know any shop specialized in planted tank in Dublin Ireland?

I have a friend living there and I was wondering if he can send me the utricularia graminifolia.

Thanks !

hello hedson !!

yes, I have already trim the plants a lot !! the photograph is two weeks old. I have to update.

Do you have experiencie with utricularia graminifolia ?

thanks !

It looks very "natural." I would suggest a trim and perhaps tightening the plants into specific placements, but that is only a suggestion! Otherwise, your ludwigia cuba is friggin' awesome! :D

As far as U. Grammifolia, I would suggest that you find someone online (a store) that will ship world-wide. People here in the States have it, but may have trouble sending it to you. I would think that one of the Malaysian online shops might be able to help you, or you could try

Good luck, buddy!
Thank you Donald !

Yesterday I trimed the aquarium again. And you are absolutely right that I mixed a lot different types of plants.

In the United States is easier than Argentina for buying plants. I envy you a lot when I see the plants you have available without any trouble.

I will try aquabid. But I found a local utricularia, and I am trying to grow it. There are lots of local plants that I am beginning to discover.

Bye !

That's even better if you have a local utricularia!! The use of native species in any aquarium can be a pretty cool thing! I'll be interested to see what it looks like once you've been able to incorporate it into your aquascape.

As far as mixing your plants: It is just what I am used to doing (separating plants into tight bunches). However, alot of "biotope" aquariums incorporate a lot of "mixing" as it makes it look more "natural." As long as YOU like the end result, that's all that matters!! :D
The local utricularia is as not as beatiful as the graminifolia, but let's see how it develops. I will try to take photographs of the process.

I mix a lot the plants because every time they offer free plants in my argentinian forum ( ) I always accept !!! jejeje. then I don´t know where to put them since I have only one tank !!!

but I kind of like my "jungle" aquarium

bye !

I know! I've run into the same problem before! I buy too many plants, and run out of space!

Keep up posted regarding this tanks progress! I do want to see how "your" local utricularia compares to the gramifolia that most of us are used to seeing.
The only logical solutions for both of us is to make more tanks !!! jejeje. The only problem is that I would end up divorce !!!

In my argentinian forum we are starting a project to make a guide about locals plants.

Bye !

Try getting some red colored plants and plant those on the left side in front of the green stuff. Try getting some plants that dont grow too large.

Try to thicken up the soil covering plants in the foreground. Some driftwood on the right side, half covered would make it look nice as well.
More photos of the fish:

I am taking a lot of photograph to compete in a contest of " inhabitants of planted tanks" photographic contest, but a I don't know which one to choose !!! jejeje

Bye !

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