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180L Tank

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Hello everyone !

I present my 180 liter planted tank. Suggestions will be appreciated.


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Love the khuli photos and the last one. Don't you just love the reds!
HUGE difference! Beautiful color. Did you adjust color?
Love your color! You have achieved what many long for with those intense reds! :D What's your lighting?

Do you think you still might have a few too many grassy looking plants. What about downoi? How about something with a round leaf, like lobelia cardinalis, anubias. I'm talking mid and foreground here. You have a lot of interest in leaf shape and size in the background but as you come forward it's not there. Just an idea.
I wonder if that 840 is what helps your reds to be seen so well. Have loved the look of those 9325K light or any in the 8000K-9000K range.

Be sure to post another px since the water was so cloudy last time. Can't wait to see a clear shot again! :D
Thanks for the new pxs. Are the sides of your tank green? The left side looks green. Is it a reflection?
So lush and thick! You might try to trim the foreground so the plants are away from the glass. Some take a flat blade and cut downwards about 1/2" from the front glass and pull the plants out. It has a nice effect.
1 - 6 of 138 Posts
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