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I am actually experimenting with both L. brasilensis and E tenellus micro and both have they're advantages. The L brasil. has a very green color and seems to fill in faster because the new plants grow very close together. It is very nice but grows a little longer and straight up when compared to E tenellus micro.

E tenellus is a much prettier plant IMO due to it's bronze color in high light, ferts and CO2. The main problem that I have with it is it takes l;onger to fillin because the runners tend grow very far from the mother plants. I have to cut them and replant them where I want them. I just pulled a length of runners that wa like 7 inches with 4 to 5 plants on it. It's impressive when the mother plant is only about 2 inches tall.

In your size tank the length of L. brasil isn't such a big deal and you want the fastes coverage possible. Now light is a consideration because with lower light the brasil. will tend to grow even taller. Now when you upgradwe to the new lighting system you will definitely need a foreground covering and more plants or you will have a lot of algea problems.

Also maybe add some blyxa japonica behind the middle area of the driftwood where the rocks are.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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