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here is my other tank that i recently decided to turn into my shrimp tank since i dont dose it with anything anyway. its my no-maintenance tank. i dont add anything except water from time to time and some food for the shrimps. 2 of my cherries are berried, so i was wondering if at least some babies will make it to full grown since there are amanos in there and i dont know if there is enough cover for the babies. i have a coarse pre-filter thing over the HOB intake. any ideas?

inside are java fern, narrow leaf java fern, java moss, stringy moss, glossos, HC, and fissiden. i plan to add anubias nana petite in the future.
shrimps include 3 amanos, 6 cherries, and 3 bumblebees. i plan to get another separate 2.5 for the bumblebees. do you think any of the shrimp babies will survive?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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