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Hi all,

I have two macrobrachium (long-arm) shrimp. they might be macrobrachium rosenbergii, but its difficult to ID.

They are about 4 inches long. one is definitely female, as i have seen her berried.

they will eat any fish they can stuff in their mouth (read: slow, dying, sleeping, or less than 2 inches long).

they are also perfectly happy scavenging on leftover fish food and swimming away possessively with algae tabs. two of them coexist relatively peacefully in a 50 gallon tank.

but here is the great thing about them: they will eat all of your pond snail eggs. any pond snail problem you may have will be gone within a month or two of putting them in the tank. that said, after they eat the snail eggs, they will switch to fish. :)

i thought i would check here first to see if anyone would like to take one or both of them before i see if any local fish stores will take them. i think they would have to be kept with no fish, or large fish.

the shrimp are free to a good home, but if you have any interesting plant cuttings or babies you would like to offer as a parting gift, those would be welcome, but not necessary. :)

i live in black rock, in bridgeport, ct.

let me know if you'd like me to add a picture.

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If you want to take a trip up to Fairfield (near the Easton border, just off of Black Rock Tpke) I'd be willing to take them in. I have a group of M. hendersonii as well as a couple of M. dayanum I adopted from another member. I'm sure I can make space for your shrimp as well. And, at the very least, you can come see my crazy fishroom of doom. I'm sure I have a couple of stems I can offer in trade, anything in particular that you're looking for?

PS: would also be interested in the 48" PCFL fixture; that I'll gladly swap some nice plants or fish for.
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