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2 month old tank

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Hey, ever since I redid my tank around the end of last year, my tank is now heavily planted but also filled with a bunch of hair algae. It is all over the place. Just this week, i have noticed that my plants are pearling like crazy and bubbles are all over their leaves. I am also using RO water now to lower my nitrate, as my tap has nitrates in it. Does this mean that conditions in my tank are better and that's why my plants are doing better?

20 gal
65 wat
hagen c02 w/ bubble ladder
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 20, used to be 40
gh 150
kh and ph - unknown, test strips are not accurate

hornwort, temporary for nitrate control
duck, also temporary
rotala indica,
moss balls,
glosso, staying low and growing well, although some of it is infested with hair algae
baby tears

I also used to have asian ambulias, but they somehow failed and broke apart

Also, since my plants are getting better and I'm using RO water, should i start dosing Flourish, which I have stopped.

Thanks for all the help!
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Three questions:

1. What's your tapwater like?
2. Are you dosing P?
3. What kind of fish load do you have, and what are your feeding habits?

Generally, pearling means happy plants. But I have had pearling with a P deficiency before.
You really must understand your C02 load by measuring your KH and PH. Without understanding how much CO2 is in the water you have no chance of sorting your tank out.

If your CO2 is low then the algae will be in there taking advantage.

I'm not dosing P right now, but I did start a dose of Flourish and Excel. Today when I came home, my baby tears grew almost an inch and my glosso created new leaves that would normally not happen within a day. I'm also using algone for my nitrate problem. My fishload is pretty huge since this tank was redone, I still have the fish I had in the tank before. I have no where to get rid of the fish so i must keep the ones i have right now. Also, i changed to RO water because my tap has nitrates, which i could not easily control when put into my tank. I'm also thinking about dosing PMDD, has anyone have experience with that. Is that the best method for dosing? Any others?

fish: I'm usually very busy so i feed around twice to three times a week, only a pinch
2 platies,
3 z. danios
2 otos
a school of tiger barbs, lost count

Thanks for the help!
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