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20-40 lot minami shrimp, starter colonys! free ship!!

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I have tons of shrimp and need to let some go! youll get shrimp ranging from 1/4"- ADULTS! some pregos might make it in the bag to, i want them gone!

You will get males and females so youll have babys in a few weeks! great way to have alot of shrimp at once and great to use as feeders to!

these are neat looking shrimp! most all have brown, light brown stripes on the backs.specks of brown, blk, blue. in bodies. these arent dyed etc! they are all natural colored shrimp.

I will ship them in a kordon bag!

i accept paypal only! no echecks!!!!!!

the shipping is incuded in price, free shipping!

1 lot cherry shrimp 15 for 21.50 shipped

(2) 20+ shrimp shipped 21.00 1 SOLD, 1 left
(1) 40+ shrimp shipped 38.00

i will add 3-5 extra incase of doa's!

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20 lot sold!

1 more 20 lot added

40 lot still available!

15 red cherrys 1/4- adult 21.50 shipped!
All Minamis Sold For Today.

Ill Do A Recount And Post New Lots Tommorow If Available, Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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