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20 lbs Co2 Tank with Greenleaf Aquarium Regulator, glass diffuser- socal

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The 20lb co2 tank was recertified last month, the regulator setup is only a month old. It has the electronic solenoid, needle valve, and bubble counter. I'll throw in a glass diffuser that i used in my 37 gallon tank. Everything is in perfect and new condition, the co2 tank is pretty much completely full.

the diffuser looks like this one:

I'm asking $150 OBO local pickup in socal only.

I've spent a hell of a lot more on this setup than 150 and have only used it for a month. I think 150 is a fair price.

ALSO i have some dry ferts and a brand new digital scale for sale. I want to sell the fertz as a whole set but i can sell the scale seperately. The ferts come in tupperware with labels:
Dry ferts: $17 OBO

KN03 ( 1/2 pounds)
KH2P04 ( 1/2 pounds)
K2S04 ( 1/2 pounds)
CSM+B ( 1/2 pounds)

Digital Scale: $25

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if only you had posted yesterday :(
i ordered everything last night lol
i still have this for sale! someone jump on this before i decide to keep it :p

Dry ferts: SOLD
Regulator: SOLD
Co2 Tank: For Sale

I am asking $80 for the tank OBO. I am willing to entertain good offers for the tank so shoot me a pm if interested. Keep in mind that the tank is full, and was recertified last month.
im dropping my price to $70 firm for the 20 lb co2 tank. come get it today!
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