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20 vs 29?

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How much of a difference is there? I know about 6", but would that 6" be a really Huge difference, or would it only make a slight one? I'd be putting in 6 cory cats, 12 neon tetras, 6 embers and a betta(assuming the one I just moved into the 29, which is still unscaped, gets along with them) Would that be too much visually, or would it be a decent tank? About 1/3-1/2 is going to have mostly taller stem plants, and the rest is going to be low(I've got it worked out, it'll look nice, trust me ;))

The basic design is going to be based off of making Peter and the Wolf into a tank(hey, my mommy always told me that imagination is a good thing ;) ) showing the forest(and open gate :D) as if it was through the windows of Peter's grandfather's house. Assuming that he's in a "round" yard, would that sort of curve(although I'm planning it to be a bit straighter instead of trying to mentally draw a perfect circle inside the tank) look okay in a shorter tank too?

Only asking because I'm upping the size of my reef tank soon(ish), and was considering putting it into the 29 gallon so I could have a 3rd fish or so in there without pushing the bio-load too far.
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Your design sounds like it will be quite nice. As for tank size, I've always thought "bigger is better". Even if it's just 9 gallons and 6 inches, that's 6 more inches of aquascape to play with. Also, I've always found that larger aquariums are easier to maintain than small ones.

The 29 gallon tank is almost 50% bigger than the 20 gallon tank. That is significant. It is also 30 inches long, which makes finding a good light fixture a little harder, but it is big enough for the 2 watts per gallon guide to mean something. I agree with Dave, no one ever finds they have too big a tank! People with 100 gallon tanks regret they didn't go for the 180 gallon size. People with 1600 gallon tanks regret.......uh.......
Hehe, that's why I was wondering if I'd regret more that I put my salt tank in a 20 gallon versus keeping my planted tank in the 29 :D The thing I was more worried about was if the light fixture
I have on there now would be too much for a 20 without pressurized co2 instead of excel. I've got a 30" 65 watt PC on there now. It works, just needs a carbon source so the hair algae will stay gone when I pluck it all out.

I started with a 10 gallon reef, no fish, but want fish now. And have no more room for any more tanks(I REALLY should be downsizing the number of them that I've got anyway, by at least the 20 OR the 29 and one of the 10 gallons. There's still a .0001% chance that we'll be moving one of these days and I really am dreading the thought of moving 8 tanks for a total of 150 gallons as is.) otherwise I'd wait until petco is selling their tanks for $1/gallon again and just pick up a 40 gallon breeder for my salty stuffs.
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