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200l planted discus tank rescape

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Hi all!
Last week I decided to rescape my tank and tried to create a NA style aquascape.
I'm not so happy with the resault especially because the rocks, here in Israel it's hard to fine good rocks.
Any way, I would like to hear what you think' any suggestions\ideas to improve?

that's how the tank looked like before the change:


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Nice tank. I like the fresh look sometimes when the plant stand is low like that, will be nice to see it grow in some and brighten up before it goes full strength.

I like the rocks, looks like petrified wood, I can't find anything that good here. The US is overrun with unnatural, blasted chunks of granite and you can hardly find a good piece of that in FL.
Yeah, where are the discus? BTW, nice scape. What sand did you use for the river?
lol the discus still there they were hiding when i took those pictures:rolleyes:

jaidexl, you can come visit us in Israel and buy some rocks;)

gravy9, I used regular quartz sand not ADA or something like that/

some more pictures(with the discus):

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Those Dicus pxs are so cool! The whole "Skinny - Fat" thing is a hoot! Our world is their fishbowl. Here's lookin' at you, kid!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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