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If you use a fert method that does not require frequent/large water changes then the grocery store RO water would be cheaper than having the RO sytem in your home (unless you would use RO water for other uses as well). I have near-similar water and use about 5 gallons of RO every month during water changes on my 50 gal. I do have problems with certain plants (Blyxa grows but doesn't 'flourish'), but I still manage to get good growth on the more common ones.

PPS-pro, EI, and Seachem's Recommended Dosing Guide are all good options. The Seachem Guide is a bit light on ferts in my experience, so you can do small or infrequent water changes with it (that's what I do). EI is more accurate from what I've read and PPS pro is supposed to be accurate as well in regards to exactly what the plants need (so, no excess build-up).


EDIT: I did not realize some people were paying $1 per gallon for RO at the store. It's $.25 per gallon where I live. You'll have to crunch the numbers to see if it's worth buying the RO unit.
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