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I've just moved to Ithaca, NY. With me, came my 20H Planted and a 29g lightly planted.

With this tap water, how should I condition it correctly? Currently I've had to use what I've got and that is seachem Equilibrium. I am fairly certain this will lead to green water and all kinds of algae problems. Already in under a month I have cloudy water, green spot algae, and some kind of staghorn or black beard algae or a combination. It took quite a bit of equilibrium to get the ph down to 7... :-/

I like to use seachem products, so I'm thinking I'll try the acid buffer. Is this the right thing to do?

As far as ferts go, does anyone know a good method for me to figure out a regiment? I use (seachem) Excel/Flourish/Potassium/Nitrogen/Iron/Trace.


Tap Water:
8.3 pH
"lots of calcium"

4x20W T12 full spect bulbs 12hrs/day
Magnum 220 Canister (currently has carbon...)
Plant Gro Co2 Natural System w/ ladder diffuser slightly modified mixture
1 bag Oxyn Sand
1 bag EcoComplete

Fish (heavy load):
1x Angel (small 3" nose to tail tip)
Several Mollies
2x small Khuli
4x Pristella Tetra
3x Neon Tetra
2x White Tetra
1x Glofish
1x Amano Shrimp
TONSx Malaysian Trumpet

Wisteria: Hygrophila difformis
Limnophila ‘hippuroides’ (Limnophila hippuroides)
Ludwigia Peruensis (Ludwigia peruensis)
Rotala Magenta (Rotala macrandra v. 'narrow leaf')
Tiger Lotus, Red (Nymphaea zenkeri)
Moneywort: Bacopa Monnieri
couple random long leaf swords

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UPDATE:!:! well I did a bit of pondering and a bit of talking with my landlady. She doesn't want me putting in an RO unit, so hoping I was wrong about the water I re did my tests, (been a month since the initial tests). I was slightly wrong, my Tap water is 8dkh, 12dgh, 8.1pH... so what else can i do?!

I just went out and got some of that seachem acid buffer, and tried a 10g dose in a 1g jug, it dropped the kh to 5, and the ph to somewhere about 6.6-6.7. Anyone remember their chem? How does that look in a 20g tank such as mine?
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