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240g Planted Discus tank

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This is my 240g planted Discus tank. I would like to enter it in the AGA competition but it think it needs some better organization of the plants. I'm a bit short on inspiration, so I'm looking for some advice. The Java fern is doing wonderfully, as is the red temple talenthera. I have some baby tears growing ok, but unfortunately can't get good ground cover growing so far. The large pipe on the right won't be in final photos, it's a temporary siphon for a discus breeding tank next to this one.

Close ups:

This is my 150g Rainbow tank that I just replanted last weekend. I could steal any of the big plants from this one that might improve the 240. I have some other plants in other tanks as well.

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Tank looks great. such a natural look to it. Only hope my tank ever looks so good
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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