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The plantlets coming off can be planted in the substrate if they are not already. I'd wait until they have some roots first. Keeping it smaller depends on the type of sword. Some will just send out massive leaves. Others stay smaller. You could trim but you might end up trimming them faster then they grow back.

Money wort should do fine but trimming them and replanting. I would guess you are referring to Bacopa caroliniana. I think that is the common name used with it a lot.

As for taller plants that don't require pruning. Maybe some vallisnerias species. There are quiet a few species that can range from a foot tall to four feet if not bigger. Get few many just yank some out and trade them with friends, sell/trade them on the forums or on

It will depend on your light, CO2 and nutrients. On a lower light tank some stems will grow slower then they would in a higher light tank. If you tell us your light and what not I am sure people will have some suggestions.
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