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What plants are good for a 29 gallon? I am new to this, and need to revamp the newly planted tank. I have 2 big swords in there, and a red melon plant and a regular melon plant. There's also a moneywort (or like 3 stalks) and a few grass-like plants (sorry that I don't know the names, but mongo grass rings a bell) and a few onion-like plants.

1. If I cut the money wort, can I replant half the stalk, and will the new stalk grow?

2. Can I keep the swords small some-how? By trimming them back?

3. Should I replant the stalklets that are growing off of the swords?

4. What plants will stay small enough to be in a 29 gallon without too much pruning?

Thanks so much!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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