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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a computer for school, so I'm trying to sell my 29g setup. It's a standard 29g that I had set up as a reef, wll, the start of one anyway, only had a few simple corals as I have been short on cash lol... anywhooo

It includes the following:

marineland emperor 350 h.o.b.
maxi jet 900 powerhead
powerhead 301 powerhead
aquaclear 20 heater
30 or so lbs of live sand
25-30 lbs of liverock
Odyssea 4 bulb t-5 with 3 blue moonlight leds (despite bad reviews from years ago about this company I gave them a shot and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product)

Looking to get $200 for the lot. I realize you are mostly plant people, so I would be willing to sell just the equipment without the sand and rock upon request for $150

Thanks for looking!
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