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29g Complete Setup (NYC)

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Thinking its about time i get rid of this tank
Selling since I really need the space and mostly for tuition $$

The setup includes:
29g tank (black trim) - Great condition
Wood stand (black)- with new hardware
Custom wood canopy with light (black) - takes screw in cfl bulbs
Custom Sliding glass versa-top
Standard light strip and extra bulb - Got a new ballast just have to rewire it..
AquaClear30 filter - Like New
100w heater - Glass non-submersible
Sand or river substrate (if wanted)
Driftwood on slate - two pieces
Double sided background - Black/Blue
Plenty of plastic plants - from Tall hairgrass-swords-limnophila sessiflora
Few decorative pebbles
Random filter media/chemicals

All in great shape. Does NOT leak!!
Asking Price $150

Pickup only from Brooklyn, NY

For more photos or any questions feel free to Pm Me..

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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