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29G tank Update, Pics.

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I redid this tank after about 3 weeks, and it has been set up in this form for about 4 weeks, total time since setup, just under 2 months.

What do you think?



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It looks good, but too small of a picture to see details. I would add a nice piece of driftwood in the center or on the left and have java fern grow on it.
Ya that is the biggest pic I can post here. There is two peices of driftwood on the left behind the red plant, with a anubias nanna on each of them.

Any ideas on how to get a bigger pic on this forum??? they say the largest size alowed is 100KB for a jpeg.

You can upload to and get the URL and use the IMG TAGS.
can you lits your tank specs and better angle picture would be nice
Ok, let's see if this works, not much bigger but...

Light, 2*55 W ah supply


ehime with inline heater and diy co2 reactor

pressurized co2, maintained at about 20PPM in the day, 25-30PPM at night.

Florite red substrate

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Here is a front view pic, I still have a little green algae on my anubias nanna, the tank has not been up long enough to get all of my ferts perfect.

I think gray would have been a better color for the backdrop, because the driftwood would be more visable.

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YES THANK YOU for the front view, nice
The tiger lotus looks really good. I just pulled two of them and the root structures were huge-just after 3 months from planting from a bulb. Real fat and spongy roots too. Mine kept forming pads of the surface, even after trimming to keep it short. Looks really nice though, your glosso looks good.
I will move the driftwood closer to the center but not on the center! So more plants can be added to the left side. Then you will have more space to have a nice triangular design try to keep the shape and color of you plants in good order this will help you more than what you think.
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