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29g update.

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Well here it is after about 1 1/2 -2 months old. The basics:
65 watt coralife 6500k
HOB filter (aquaclear)
Excel every other day and Flourish 2 times a week.

Hygro Angustifolia
Java fern narrow leaf
Anubias Nana petite
Crypt willisee
Crypt ?
Rotala Rotundifolia
Hygro Sunset (5 days old)
dwarf sags
Marsilea Minuta
Java moss

6 zebra danio
a million snails

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no questions or comments?
I liked the second shot.

Um, it would be nice to see some red in there.
I was looking at putting some crypt tropica but I don't know where I should put it. Also I have rotala but i thought it was supposed to be more red. Maybe its my lighting?
Rotala is fickle, mine went green as well. But since i went from 3.5wpg down to 2 and upped my co2 it seems to be going red again.
thanks CC. I am in the process of putting CO2 in the tank but have non as of yet. I have 2wpg lighting and I do the pps-pro fert system. I was thinking of uping my light first before the CO2. What do you think?
I was told no use for ferts if not injecting Co2. Is that wrong.
i was told if your lighting was 2wpg or above that the plants needed more nutrients. I could be wrong but it seems to be working for me. Plus I think the regiment I am using the pps-pro is not something as extreme as EI.
Looking at the layout as is, I like all the green. But you need to add different shapes; some larger anubias plants, ferns, maybe a small sword. The last TOTM had only green plants. And I'd say let the foreground grow in some more before adding anything else.

IMO, ferts help no matter the lighting or use of CO2, if used properly.
I know from the pic its hard to see but the sunset does have some pink in it. But as for my sunset I was thinking of moving it to the back right. Behind the plant under the water lettuce. I am not even sure what that is but I like it. I was then going to move the java fern that is there to the left front and side. With the sunset moved I think then I will get a nice crypt tropica or some other more red plant. Any Suggestions?
I like your idea to put Sunset in back right corner. Also to get a crypt, preferably a wide leaved one. The water lettuce will could go on the left as the Sunset will need the light to stay pink. Perhaps you might want to cut back on the amount of Rotala in there as well. If you could trim your moss back it would look better IMO. Your plants are growing well. :D
Moved some things around. I want some red plants and I think I will go with crypt Affinis in front of the stunp piece of wood. Also I might throw in some ludwigia repens to add some more color.
Enjoy and comments welcome. Please
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