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2nd Start, Lets try it again

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quick bio 4 everyone. i started this tank about 8 months ago. it was originally made for a reef tank but with a new work schedule, and new living arrangements i had to go green. but dont tell my reef buddies i have always loved planted aquariums. i even think they can be as if not more beautiful then reef tanks.

well its a 20gal acrylic tank, 10gal sump, my filter is a 200 micro filter sock that is feed by the overflow, the return pump is a Rio HyperFlow 8, and a 96watt Compact Flouresent.

so i started 8 months ago and i think i went a little to fast. i got all kinds of cyno, i blacked out the tank for 3 days. it helped with the cyno but then the plants just went down hill from there. at this point i was out of money and was just fed up with everything and focused on work. well im going to try again, so if anyone has any input what so ever, please anything fish selection, plants or what ever.

Thanks and happy planting


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First off, let me point you to some reading:

A few comments on your set up. 96W over 20gal is a lot of light. You're going to need CO2, and a good fertilization regime. You might be better off getting an appropriate cannister filter rather than the 10gal sump set up. Heck, the 10 gal could become a nursery/grow-out/quarantine tank. :)
I do both planted & reef tanks. They both are beautiful in their own ways :p

Since you got out of reefing I'm assuming you just did not have enough time to dedicate to the uptake, with your works schedule in all. A high light planted tank (which you have now) can require just as much time & up-keep. I highly recommend going the low tech/low light route. This way you will not need pressurized C02 & very little ferts, which equals out to less time you have to spend taking care of it.

All the equipment that you have now like sump, pumps, overflow, filter sock & even the lighting want be needed. A simple HOB filter & 30-40 watt light fixture with plant bulbs (5500k-10000k) will do the job. Your also need ferts:micros,phosphates,potassium & nitrates. Also a source of carbon such as Seachem Excel or DIY C02.

If that is a current pic of your tank, you need lots more plants. A lot of fast growers will help asorb the ammonia & nitrites, helping cycle your tank. A lot of plant mass also cuts back on the amount of algae that will occur.
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kool thanks a lot guys. Bert H i hear what you are saying and i agree with u. BUT its all i got right know till i can get my dream tank. i will be doing high light plants and i have a full Co2 system that i had lying around from one of my other reef systems. I am however not current with all the ferts, and supplements. so that is where i need the help. oh and the livestock needed ( the cleaners). TRENAC. hey hey hey!!! i have a large SPS dominated reef tank still, its just that i want something a little less tricky @ home. i love cleaning and pruning planted aquariums, and they r just so peaceful. oh and as for livestock now i have 1 oto, 2 amino shrimp, 1 SAE, and a boat load of snails.

i know its not going 2 be easy with the aquarium setup the way it is with the sump and all but with your guys help i think it can become amazing.

Thanks and keep up the great info everybody!!!!:D
It can be done with the equipment you have, just makes it a little more difficult. However I'm not sure how to incorparate a sump into it all. Just make sure you get that C02 system & ferts going soon.
u r right, i dont know what i can use the sump for? but as of right now it makes a great place for my heater. lol. if Co2 is really needed now i can do a quick DIY until i got my Co2 unit from my friend... as for ferts....... what do i use??????
It will hard to maintain decent levels of CO2 if you go with diy, using that sump, because you will de-gas a lot of it. Pressurized seems to me, to be the only way to go there if you keep the sump. As far as ferts, you can go the dry route, by far the cheapest, or get it from Seachem or Pfertz which will have all the individual ones ready to go.
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