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3 month old 135 gallon tank

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I planted this tank in November. What does everyone think? There are 3 types of hair grass. I am hoping that this will be a low maintance tank.



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Phil Edwards said:
Also, the patches of taller grass behind the main humps of the design look like algae and don't particularly serve the overall composition well. I'd suggest removing them.
Your right they do look like algae from the picture. Unfortunatley the picture doesnt do it justice. I am still up in the air about keeping them or not. Do you think taking a tank picture with a wide angle lens would help with showing more detail...I am a newbie at taking pictures

skinns said:
Are there any other of plans for adding more plant species in the future
At this point no...Maybe this summer if this layout doesnt work, but hair grass will probably always be a main focus unless its a pain to keep it

niko said:

Coolest tank I've seen lately!

I think that the tall hairgrass doesn't add anything to that beautiful aquascape. Even if it was perfectly straight it wouldn't add anything more.

I believe that many people would deem this aquascape an Amano rip-off, but I like it, and I want to do one myself some day.

Agree with Phil, the rock on the left should point to the left.

Thanks for the kind words...and you are correct it is an Amano "rip-off" ;) As for the long hair grass it was accidently sent to me when I wanted normal hair I planted it. Still trying to decide what to do with the left rock. It well placed and would take some work to move it and the driftwood its on.

ternac said:
Ben... I like your tank, a very simple layout nicely done. I also agree with the others opinions on the tall hairgrass. Instead of removing it from the tank, I think spreading it out a bit and moving it to a differant location will help.
Thanks ternac
I will probably do this in a few months. I think offsetting them from the two big rocks would make it look better.

jsenske said:
Are you conbining petrified wood and driftwood there for hardscape? I can't quite tell exactly from the pic. That would maybe be an awkward combination- but in this photo it looks as if it can work.
yes you are right I am combining the two. I first bought the wood from and didnt like how it fit the tank. So I decided to do a tank with big pieces of petrified wood. I quickly found out that big pieces of petrifed wood can get really expensive and it is hard to make sure all the rock matches. So I combined the two.

thanks for the tips

Sudi said:

Nice size tank, looking good to.
Are those neons swimming aroud it ?
How many of them do you have (if they are neons)?

Sudi :smile:
Sudi, Thanks

Unfortunatly they are not neons. Most are common guppies :) and 7 SAE. In the future I will add Cardinal tetras though!!!
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